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Ever since blogging took off in the early 2000s, the trend has continued to grow, especially in South Korea where most of the population uses the internet in some way everyday – whether it be via their phone, tablet device or personal computer. As internet users started to move away from “cafes” or online message boards, users began to create their own content by the tens of thousands. Among the explosion of new bloggers, some started to become increasingly popular and were named “Power Bloggers” due to the influence they had over their dedicated and large audiences.

궗슜옄 궫엯 씠誘몄
TNM is a unique Korean startup which was founded in 2009 by Seung-eun Myung and Young Han. The company offers a variety of services to its network of about 300 partner bloggers. To become a partner blogger, one needs to have a high level of traffic and a consistent output of quality content. “Partners” are not simply unknown faces on the nether side of the internet, but are a group made up of individuals who are experts or enthusiasts in their field. TNM also helps foster a sense of community between bloggers by frequently holding events, workshops and parties where they can meet one another face to face.

궗슜옄 궫엯 씠誘몄
Though TNM may not be your standard business – even by online startup standards, the company earns revenue in a number of different ways. The company acts as a content provider and is able to negotiate syndication contracts with other media outlets for bloggers who would find it difficult to negotiate such contracts if they were acting on their own. Additionally, TNM has its own advertising network similar to Federated Media in the U.S. Social networking consultation and blog management are included in TNM’s content services too.

TNM also sells products to other companies using its team of developers to create mobile software and web platforms. Previously, a series of apps under the “All That” label were created for leading mobile operator SK Telecom to help promote their flagship service “T-Store”. All together, TNM have created 100 different apps with a total of 4,500,000 downloads.

Though TNM has sometimes been misunderstood as a marketing company, they do not only provide content but are also a registered media organization. A project is currently underway in cooperation with Korea’s largest news service – Yonhap News Agency, to create a site where bloggers can use news content such as articles and photos, without having to worry about copyright infringement. The site is called Kurry, a mix of three Korean words which approximately mean – material, a market place of ideas, and of course curry, as in a mix of content. The site will be simple and easy to use, similar to sites such as Aol Tech. TNM hope that Kurry will become a place where readers can find accurate and up-to-date content “mashed-up” with expert analysis from bloggers.

궗슜옄 궫엯 씠誘몄
Most recently, TNM released an app called ‘TNM Reader’ for both the iPhone and Android, so readers can easily view partner blogs on the run. Users can view content by categories, check out the latest stories and create their own list of their favorite blogs. Articles can be shared directly through social media applications which are linked in nicely to the app. TNM also has plans in the pipeline to translate and globalize content through TNM’s partner site Nanoomi which you can read more about here.

Visit TNM’s website here or follow them on Twitter here.
You can follow Nanoomi on Twitter here.

* 븳援쓽 뒪듃뾽 냼떇쓣 쁺뼱濡 踰덉뿭븯뿬 븣由щ뒗뜲 愿떖씠 엳怨 룞李명븯怨 떢쑝떊 遺꾩 editor@venturesquare.net쑝濡 뿰씫二쇱떆湲 諛붾엻땲떎.

* If you are interested in sharing your ideas or company and translating them into Korean, feel free to e-mail us at editor@venturesquare.net

[#M_Read about TNM in Korean|Hide|삤뵂 由ы겕猷⑦똿 뜲씠 벑濡앺븯윭 媛湲

湲곗뾽 臾명솕 蹂솕쓽 以묒떖뿉 엳뒗 踰ㅼ쿂湲곗뾽, [湲곗뾽 臾명솕媛 蹂븯怨 엳떎!] 뿴 踰덉㎏ 뒪듃뾽 섍뎅궡 理쒖큹, 理쒕 洹쒕え쓽 냼뀥李쎌옉옄 꽕듃썙겕 TNM엯땲떎.

TNM 떎뼇븳 肄섑뀗痢 깮궛옄媛 옄떊쓽 肄섑뀗痢좊 넻빐 뜑 굹 媛移섎 留뚮뱾 닔 엳룄濡 떎뼇븳 궗뾽쓣 吏꾪뻾븯怨 엳뒗뜲슂. 2007뀈 2썡, 釉붾줈洹 媛쒕컻쟾臾멸린뾽씤 TNC(깭꽣븻而댄띁땲)쓽 TF쑝濡 떆옉븳 TNM 씠젣 270뿬紐낆쓽 釉붾줈洹 뙆듃꼫뱾怨 븿猿섑븯뒗 洹쒕え 궡떎쓣 媛뽰텣 踰ㅼ쿂湲곗뾽엯땲떎. 섏냼뀥李쎌옉옄숇뱾쓽 꽕듃썙겕濡 깉濡쒖슫 誘몃뵒뼱瑜 留뚮뱾뼱 궡怨 엳뒗 TNM뿉꽌뒗 뼱뼡 씪뱾씠 踰뚯뼱吏怨 엳뒗吏 뱾뼱媛 蹂쇨퉴슂?

궗슜옄 궫엯 씠誘몄
궗슜옄 궫엯 씠誘몄

Welcome to TNM!

援궡 理쒖큹, 理쒕 洹쒕え쓽 냼뀥李쎌옉옄 꽕듃썙겕

What to do? TNM 釉붾줈嫄곕 鍮꾨’븳 냼뀥李쎌옉옄뱾쓣 吏썝븯怨 돱誘몃뵒뼱 떎뿕쓣 쐞빐 빆긽 깉濡쒖쓣 異붽뎄븯뒗 肄섑뀗痢좏쉶궗씠옄 誘몃뵒뼱쉶궗씠옄 湲곗닠쉶궗엯땲떎. 떎젣濡 TNM 삤뵾뒪 吏곸썝肉 븘땲씪 釉붾줈洹몃 넻빐 옄떊쓽 쟾臾몄쟻씠怨 떎뼇븳 吏떇쓣 굹늻뒗 270뿬紐낆쓽 뙆듃꼫 븿猿섑븯怨 엳뒿땲떎. TNM  뙆듃꼫뱾 留ㅼ썡 3,500뿬 嫄댁쓽 삤由ъ꼸 肄섑뀗痢좊 깮궛븯怨, 1,200留뚯뿬 紐낆씠 뙆듃꼫쓽 釉붾줈洹몃 諛⑸Ц빐 1,700뿬留 嫄댁쓽 湲쓣 씫뒿땲떎. TNM 씠윴 뙆듃꼫뱾쓽 湲쓣 SKT 븿猿 쁀ll That Life 100 벑쓽 紐⑤컮씪 李쎌옉 뵆옯뤌쓣 넻빐 쑀넻븯嫄곕굹 떎쓬, 빞썑, 꽕씠듃 벑쓽 룷꽭뿉 옱뙋留ㅽ븯硫, 씠뱾쓽 옱뒫쓣 썝븯뒗 떎뼇븳 怨녹뿉 媛곸쥌 媛뺤뿰, 옉 벑쓣 닔二쇳븯怨 엳뒿땲떎.

궗슜옄 궫엯 씠誘몄

2010 뙆듃꼫 썙겕닄

뙆듃꼫뱾怨 븿猿 湲곗뾽 냼뀥誘몃뵒뼱 援ъ텞怨 냼뀥留덉똿, 쑀臾댁꽑 愿묎퀬 벑 떎뼇븳 留덉똿 솢룞룄 吏꾪뻾븯怨 엳뒗뜲슂. 씠윴 솢룞뱾쓣 넻빐 TNM씠 諛붾씪뒗 寃껋 궣쓽 媛移섎 肄섑뀗痢좊줈 留뚮뱾뼱궡뒗 뙆듃꼫뱾씠 옄떊쓽 肄섑뀗痢 깮궛 솢룞뿉 吏묒쨷븯뒗 寃껋엯땲떎. 씠瑜 쐞빐 TNM 湲곗닠, 뵒옄씤, 꽌鍮꾩뒪, 媛곸쥌 援먯쑁 벑룄 吏썝븯怨 엳뒿땲떎. 븵쑝濡쒕룄 섍뎅궡 理쒖큹, 理쒕 洹쒕え쓽 냼뀥李쎌옉옄 꽕듃썙겕 TNM 떎뼇븳 肄섑뀗痢 깮궛옄媛 옄떊쓽 肄섑뀗痢좊 넻빐 뜑 굹 媛移섎 留뚮뱾 닔 엳룄濡 떎뼇븳 궗뾽쓣 吏꾪뻾븯硫, 諛쒖쟾쟻씤 깉濡쒖슫 誘몃뵒뼱 궛뾽쓽 諛⑺뼢쓣 젣떆빐 媛룄濡 븯寃좎뒿땲떎.

궗슜옄 궫엯 씠誘몄

2011 뙆듃꼫뱾怨 븿猿섑븳 TNM 3二쇰뀈 뙆떚

뿬湲곌퉴吏 蹂댁떆怨좊룄 TNM씠 뼱뼡 쉶궗씤吏 媛먯씠 븞 옟엳뒗 遺꾨뱾뿉寃 떎떆 븳踰 돺寃 留먯 뱶由щ㈃, 釉붾줈嫄곕뱾쓣 쐞븳, 釉붾줈嫄곕뱾뿉 쓽븳, 釉붾줈洹 留덉똿 쟾臾 쉶궗 洹몃━怨 씠젣 釉붾줈洹몃 꽆뼱 냼뀥誘몃뵒뼱濡쒖쓽 李쎌옉옄뱾쓣 쐞븳 깉濡쒖슫 옣쓣 뿴怨 엳뒗 쉶궗씪怨 깮媛곹븯떆硫 맆 寃 媛숈뜲슂. 洹몃옒룄 紐⑤Ⅴ떆寃좊떎怨좎슂? 洹몃젃떎硫, 뼱뼸寃 씪븯怨 엳뒗吏 궡렣 蹂댁떆二.

Start Up Your Media with TNM

How to do? TNM 釉뚮옖뱶뿉 븳 궡遺 議곗궗 寃곌낵, TNM쓣 몴븯뒗 삎슜궗 꽕 媛쒓 꽑젙 릺뿀뒗뜲슂. 꽕 媛쒖쓽 삎슜궗濡 꽕紐낇빐蹂대룄濡 븯寃좎뒿땲떎.

긽긽젰 꽆移섎뒗 : TNM 긽긽젰 엳뒗 궗엺뱾씠 紐⑥뿬 엳뒗 쉶궗엯땲떎.

궗슜옄 궫엯 씠誘몄
源吏(Story Designer) : TNM 썐寃⑥슂. 紐⑤몢쓽 쎇뼱궃 媛쒓렇媛먭컖! 媛쒓렇 蹂몃뒫! 븳 궗엺씠 二쇱젣瑜 爰쇰궡硫 瑗щ━뿉 瑗щ━瑜 臾대뒗 옱移 꽆移섎뒗 諛쒖뼵뱾씠 씪뙆留뚰뙆 띁吏뒗뜲슂. 삁痢≫븷 닔 뾾뒗 궡슜뱾뿉 怨녠납뿉꽌 솚샇媛 꽣졇 굹슂. 硫붿씪 벐젅뱶留뚯쑝濡쒕룄 梨 븳 沅뚯 議깊엳 굹삱 嫄곗뿉슂. 씠 怨쇱젙뿉꽌 뼸뒗 븘씠뵒뼱룄 留롪퀬슂. 냼뀥李쎌옉옄뱾쓣 꽌룷똿븯뒗 씪쓣 븯吏留 삤뵾뒪 吏곸썝뱾 븯굹븯굹媛 씠誘 냼뀥李쎌옉옄씪怨 留먰븷 닔 엳뼱슂.

솢湲곗갔 : TNM 뿉꼫吏媛 꽆移섎뒗 솢湲곗갔 쉶궗엯땲떎.

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李 옒 癒뱀뒿땲떎 :)


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썙겕꺏 吏꾪뻾 以

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썙겕꺏 썑, “꼫, 굹!” 떗떥 以


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젣二쇰룄 썙겕꺏

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솢湲곗감떎뒗 寃껋 紐⑤몢媛 利먭쾪寃 씪븳떎뒗 삉 떎瑜 몴쁽씠씪怨 븷 닔 엳뒗뜲슂. 솢湲곗갔 遺꾩쐞湲 븞뿉꽌 怨듭쑀릺뒗 뿉꼫吏뒗 긽떦빀땲떎. 뿉꼫吏濡쒕쭔 걹굹뒗 寃껋씠 븘땲씪 異⑹쟾릺怨 룞湲곕뿬 릺뒗 쉶궗궡쓽 遺꾩쐞湲 쓲由꾩쓣 留뚮뱶뒗 썝룞젰씠씪怨 븷 닔 엳二.

꽦怨듭쟻씤 : TNM 꽦怨듭쟻쑝濡 씪쓣 빐궡뒗 쉶궗엯땲떎.

궗슜옄 궫엯 씠誘몄

뵒吏꽭뒪넗由ы뀛留 媛뺤쥖

궗슜옄 궫엯 씠誘몄

삱뙎떆由ъ쫰 뼱뵆

TNM 솢湲곗갔 遺꾩쐞湲 냽뿉꽌 썐怨 湲곕쭔 옒븯뒗 寃껋씠 븘땲씪 꽦怨듭쟻쑝濡 씪쓣 셿닔빐궡뒗 쉶궗엯땲떎. 利먭쾪寃 씪븯湲 븣臾몄뿉 뜑 슚쑉쟻쑝濡, 뜑 꽦怨듭쟻쑝濡 씪븷 닔 엳뒗 遺꾩쐞湲곕씪怨 븷 닔 엳뒗뜲슂. 닔룊쟻씤 愿怨 냽뿉꽌 媛 媛쒖씤씠 븯뒗 쁺뿭怨 遺꾩빞瑜 씤젙빐二쇨퀬 옄떊씠 媛吏 뿭웾쓣 렯移 닔 엳룄濡 룙뒿땲떎. 媛숈 愿떖궗瑜 媛吏 궗엺뱾겮由 옄諛쒖쟻쑝濡 李몄뿬븯뒗 뒪꽣뵒, 옄떊쓽 쟾臾 遺꾩빞뿉 븳 젙蹂댁 吏떇쓣 怨듭쑀빐 꽌濡쒓컙쓽 떆꼫吏瑜 씪쑝궗 닔 엳뒗 議곗쭅엯땲떎. 븳留덈뵒濡 뼵젣 뼱뵒꽌뱺 異쒓꺽 以鍮 셿猷뚮맂 궗엺뱾濡 媛뱷븳 吏묐떒씠씪怨 븷 닔 엳二!

留ㅻ젰쟻씤 : TNM 븿猿 엳쓣 븣 뜑 留ㅻ젰쟻씤 쉶궗엯땲떎.

媛 媛쒖씤쓽 罹먮┃꽣굹 뒫젰룄 쎇뼱굹吏留 븿猿 엳쓣 븣 뜑 겙 쁺뼢젰쓣 씪쑝궎뒗 怨녹씠 TNM엯땲떎. 씠윴 뿰빀怨 떒빀 移쒓뎄泥섎읆, 媛議깆쿂읆 떆媛꾩쓣 굹늻怨 깮媛곸쓣 굹늻怨 湲곗뼲쓣 굹늻湲 븣臾몄씤뜲슂. 듅蹂꾪엳, 紐몄쑝濡 븯뒗 뿬윭 媛吏瑜 븿猿 빐 룉룆빐吏 썚 씪 븷 븣 뜑슧 鍮쏆쓣 諛쒗빀땲떎. 떊엯궗썝씠뱺 몴뱺 옄쑀濡寃 옄떊쓽 쓽寃ъ쓣 而ㅻㅻ땲耳씠뀡 븷 닔 엳뒗 옄쑀濡쒖슫 遺꾩쐞湲, 洹몃━怨 洹 怨녹뿉꽌 諛쒖궛릺뒗 留ㅻ젰쟻씤 遺꾩쐞湲!

궗슜옄 궫엯 씠誘몄
源誘쇳씗(Contents Coordinator) :  TNM 諛앷퀬 뵲쑜븳 쉶궗뿉슂. 떊엯궗썝씤 젣媛 옄떊 엳寃 臾댁뒯 뼐湲곕뱺 븷 닔 엳뒗, 굹뙂 닔 엳뒗(?) 怨녹씠怨좎슂. 洹몃━怨 媛옣 겙 옣젏 젅 援띔린吏 븡뒗떎뒗 寃! 洹몃옒꽌 슂利 떎씠뼱듃 빐슂;;

씠 諛뽰뿉룄 씪二쇱씪뿉 븳踰 씠긽 遺덊듅젙 떎닔媛 섏룜뒗 媛꾩떇 엫怨 吏移 紐멸낵 留덉쓬쓣 뼱猷⑤쭔졇二쇰뒗 븞留 쓽옄媛 엳뒿땲떎. ^^

궗슜옄 궫엯 씠誘몄

븞留 쓽옄뿉꽌 삤닔瑜 利먭린떎!

TNM – The Next Media

TNM 빆긽 깉濡쒖쓣 異붽뎄븯怨 떎뿕젙떊씠 媛뺥븳 遺꾨뱾쓣 솚쁺빀땲떎. TNM 옄湲 遺꾩빞뿉꽌 쟾臾몄꽦쓣 뙎怨 洹 뒫젰쓣 醫뜑 뭾슂濡쒖슫 꽭긽쓣 留뚮뱾湲 쐞빐 끂젰븯뒗 遺꾩쓣 솚쁺빀땲떎.


븿猿 븯떆寃좎뒿땲源? ^^

븘吏 냼媛

Andy Tebay

I am a New Zealander who has been living in Korea for over five years. Happily editing for VentureSquare and currently studying an MBA here in Seoul.

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