Good Choice With Improved Search Functions Can Now Reflect Customer Preferences.


Good Choice announced that it upgraded its search function and user convenience. Its search algorithm has been changed from a “matching” to a “term” method. The company explained that the user preferences can now be better satisfied since the original method searched based on syllables, while the newer method searches information focusing on words.
With this search function improvement , Good Choice introduces the morphological analysis device to analyze meaningful information. This helps to process information more quickly and efficiently, helping users to find products that they want more accurately. In addition, information search scope is narrowed down to exclude product details, event information and user reviews. By excluding the sentence-based information, search filters accurach has been improved.
In addition, when Good Choice recommends products, customer preference are reflected. In the past, accuracy was the main criteria. However, following this improvement, searches will make recommendations after comprehensively reviewing indexes such as purchased units, number of reviews, score, number of likes, etc. Good Choice explained that the improved system will show products judged to be popular among users first, which will reflect customer feedback more objectively and provide more accurate search results.