Kakao unveils Kakao Mini smart speaker


Earlier today Kakao finally revealed its upcoming smart speaker, the Kakao Mini.

The Kakao Mini uses an integrated AI platform with voice recognition, artificial voice, natural language processing and big data to communicate and provide information to the user.

The Kakao Mini has four long-distance mics designed to pick up voice clearly from all directions. In addition to the built in speakers, it can also be connected to external speakers directly or via Bluetooth speakers.

Kakao Mini

The speaker links into Melon, Korea’s most famous streaming music website, and recommends tracks through its “Kakao I” recommendation engine based on the user’s music tastes, mood and situation. It also connects with Kakao Talk, and it is possible to send and check messages using the Kakao Mini. Other Kakao and Daum services will be supported, with new features to be installed via automatic as they’re released.

The design of the speaker is fairly minimalistic and is covered in fabric, making it look a bit more ‘home-friendly’. There are four buttons on the top — power, volume and mic mute. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Kakao product without some element of cute involved, and the company will also release character figurines that can be attached to the speaker. First buyers will be able to get a free character with their device.

The Kakao Mini goes on sale later this month, with details about preorders to be released soon.