Online group study platform Studypie takes over SerenKindergarten


On 26th of this month, Studypie announced that it took over SerenKindergarten, a LikeCrazy’s online service.

Studypie is an online group study platform targeting the adult education market. SerenKindergarten is a digital nomad education service launched in Jun. 2018 by LikeCrazy, a mobile application service provider operating SerenTrip that matches independent travelers. SerenKindergarten has provided education on design, music and video making, editing and writing, the skills you need to become a digital nomad.

Studypie explains the background of the recent takeover that “it decided to take over SerenKindergarten to expand its education programs to courses for those who want employment, a career change, and a promotion, who pursue a whole new type of job such as being a digital nomad, and who want to develop hobbies or have a second job.” After the takeover, Sangsoo Kim, the CEO of LikeCrazy participates in the business as a sales partner of Studypie.

CEO of Studypie Taewoo Kim said, “We’ve collaborated with SerenKindergarten in a variety of fields. I expect it will create various synergy effects as we combine SerenKindergarten’s courses focusing on creativity and Studypie’s courses relevant to job competence such as blockchain technology, machine learning, programming and marketing.”