The Asan Nanum Foundation supports startup companies to build overseas presence


The Asan Nanum Foundation announced that it supported three healthcare startups explore overseas markets through the MEDICA 2018 held in Dusseldorf, Germany from November 12 to 15.
The three Korean startups are DepMedi, EXOSYSTEMS, and WELT. DeepMedi and EXOSYSTEMS received the 6th grand prize and the 5th top prize in Chung Ju-yung Startup Competition, respectively. WELT is a company running business in MARU 180, a startup incubator providing comprehensive solutions for startups.
DeepMedi developed a convenient mobile application that checks one’s blood pressure, whereas EXOSYSTEMS introduced ExoRehab, an ICT-based rehabilitation solution. WELT developed a smart healthcare belt.
“In addition to the foundation’s aid, airbnb, which signed a partnership agreement with us in 2016, provided local accommodations for Korean conference participants. We will do our best to provide more practical support for Korean startups so that they can build their presence in overseas markets,” said Asan Nanum Foundation’s startup team manager LEE Hyeok-hee.