[Press Release] Dialoid Launches Voice Input Application for Text Messages

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[Press Release] On September 11, voice recognition specialist Dialoid announced the release of its new voice to text application.

For users wanting to send a text message to a friend, all you have to do is active the app and say the name of the contact followed by the contents of the text message. The same can be done for replying to text messages also.

Usually text messaging involves the process of having to go into a menu to send a message, selecting who you want to send it to and then typing out the message.

Other applications that support sending text messages via voice require the user to select voice as the input method. Dialoid has simplified this process so that all you need to do is open the application, speak and then send your message.

founded in February 2012 , is a company that specializes in voice recognition and was founded by four former members of NHN’s technology research team. The four founders are the country’s best voice recognition experts and all have over 15 years of experience in their field. The company posses leading-edge technology for continuous voice recognition of Korean and is taking advantage of its skills in Korean technology.

Dialoid CEO Lee Sang-ho said, “Compared to the long period of research and the accumulated technology in the voice recognition industry, hardly any of this is used in our daily lives yet. With the launch of our voice recognition app Dialoid, we plan to provide a service that makes daily life more convenient.”

Dialoid is currently available on Android and an iOS version is coming soon. Read more about the history of Dialoid and CEO Lee Sang-ho here.

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