ABLAR Company Launches New Advertising Platform ‘Bulletin’

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Bulletin is a new advertising platform and the latest service from Ablar Company. The new app was revealed at a press event on October 19 following a teaser campaign which revolved around the number 22500 and Dunbar’s Number, which states that the optimal number of social relationships that can be held at one time is 150. Using this theory, Ablar claims that by linking friends together through Bulletin, users can have their ads reach up to 22500 people.

Bulletin has an extremely simple UI and is easy to use. Each user can only post one ad and photo at a time, the company comparing the concept to somebody holding up a signboard. When positing an ad, you can select certain friends from your list of contacts if you think they are likely to be able to help you or know someone that can. The service is all about ‘spreading the word’ and once friends see your advertisement they can comment on it or repost it to their own board.

사용자 삽입 이미지
Image: Platum
While Bulletin is described as an advertising platform, the app can be used in various ways. Users can use it to advertise their needs such finding someone who is selling their bike, or to advertise their services such as giving Chinese classes. CEO Chester Roh said,

“We don’t want to outline any particular way that the service should be used. Initial users decide the culture of a service.”

Bulletin took just 40 days to develop and is Ablar Company’s third app release this year following reservation service Poing and photo service Picso. Earlier this year, the company employed 100 university students over the summer as interns to help in marketing and testing products. During a question and answer session, CEO Roh talked about how the experience affected the company.

“It was a time which brought us back to reality. What we though people wanted was completely wrong and we are to find out what they really liked.”

While the app is only currently available in Korean for both iOS and Android, Ablar Company says it also has plans to take the service overseas in the near future.

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