AI 양재 허브 2022년 글로컬라이제이션 프로그램 운영기관 모집

AI 양재 허브 2022년 글로컬라이제이션 프로그램 운영기관 모집

AI Yangjae Hub is seeking and recruiting a glocalization* partner such as accelerator, investor, consultant or institution capable of mentoring and supporting for AI(Artificial Intelligence) technology based startups in Seoul to go South-East Asia, especially Singapore.
Institution wishing to participate as the glocalization partner is requested to submit their applications by 12th of August, 2022@23:59(KST).
*Glocalization : Compound words of “Global” + “Localization”. It stands for total process and strategies when the companies try to enter the specific local foreign markets.

2022년 07월 20일
국민대학교 산학협력단

신청방법 및 대상

  • 신청기간

    2022.07.20(수) 00:00
    2022.08.12(금) 00:00

  • 신청방법

    이메일 접수 :

  • 신청대상

    Qualifications for the Glocalization Partner
    ○ International Institutions or companies which are able to assign at least one designated staff to communicate with AI Yangjae Hub
    ○ International Institutions or companies which have incorporated entities both Singapore and Korea
    ○ International Institutions or companies which have more than 5 years experience of investing in overseas startup(s) or operating acceleration(training/supporting) programs for overseas startups
    ○ International Institutions or companies which possess the network consists of at least 10 experts and/or mentors specialized in AI, business development, market entry, and so on
    ○ International Institutions or companies which possess the network consists of at least 10 potential partners/clients in the South-East Asia countries
    ○ Consortiums apply is allowed
    – One participant of the consortium should be designated as the leader and take all the responsibility for the program operation.

  • 신청 시 요청하는 정보(개인정보포함)는 국민대학교산학협력단에서 관리되오니 이점 반드시 유의하여 주시기 바랍니다.


  • Application form

    – General information of the candidate(s)

  • Program proposal/ Expertise of participants

    – Milestones for the program
    – Contents(ex, lectures, mentoring, outreach) of the program
    – Proposed KPIs and management
    – Clients/partners network in the region
    – Track records and achievements

  • Statement on the operating costs

    – Detailed cost calculations for the program based on KRW 60million

  • Business registration certificate

    – Business license for an overseas legal entity

  • Introductory materials of institutions

    – Introductory information on major services, track records, acceleration experience, etc in detail

  • 제출하신 서류는 반환되지 않습니다.

선정절차 및 평가방법

  • Review of submitted documents → Evaluation of Presentation → Selection Notice and Agreement


  • Key details

    ○ Number of participants(AI startups) : 5 AI startups
    ○ Number of partner(Glocalization partner) : 1 partner
    ○ Target regions : Singapore
    ○ Program method : Online & Offline
    * The details of program will be proposed by the partner
    ○ Program period : 2~3 months
    ○ Budget : Up to KRW 60 million


  • Contact for inquiries : AI Yangjae Hub

    ○ Phone : +82-2-2135-6892
    ○ E-mail :

  • 자세한 내용은 첨부파일 참조 및 문의처로 문의하여 주시기 바랍니다.

* 자세한 내용 및 첨부파일은 지원페이지에서 확인하세요.

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