1. Cloud Monitoring Solution Startup ‘WhaTap Labs Inc.’ Receives 3.5 Billion Korean Won Investment


K Cube Ventures declared on the 29th, together with Qualcomm Ventures, that they have invested 3.5 billion Korean won in IT monitoring solution startup ‘WhaTap Labs Inc.’

‘WhaTap’, developed by WhaTap Labs Inc., is an analysis and reminder service for IT errors based on cloud monitoring technology. It collects and analyzes the performance and data of physical servers every second, and through data analysis, provides possible reasons for server faults. The operator can monitor server status in real time from a mobile application.

Current onsite server monitoring services cost a lot to build, operate, maintain, and repair. However, you don’t even need to install any PC software with WhaTap and can operate it from your web browser. It’s cheaper and easier than other current solutions.


After SaaS SMS, WhaTap Labs Inc. will release an APM service for server performance in September.

The goal of WhaTap Labs Inc. is to use technology to provide enterprises with cheap and reliable monitoring services.

WhaTap Labs Inc. representative Lee Dongin said, “In order to develop into a comprehensive monitoring and server fault solution company in the current IT environment, I hope we can first become a professional data collection and analysis company in various areas.

Qualcomm Ventures representative Kwon Ilhwan who leads this investment said, “I’ve been watching WhaTap Labs Inc. for more than one year since they founded the company. I’m very impressed with their technology and fast growth. By using cloud technology, WhaTap brings a revolution to the PC environment and plays an important role in mobile applications.