2016 Startups Ecology Conference Holds in Busan Creative Economic Innovation Center


2016 Startups Ecology Conference cosponsored by Startups Alliance and Korea Enterprise Networking Association will be held 2 days in Busan Creative Economic Innovation Center


This is the second held of Startups Ecology Conference after last year. Government, enterprises, universities, investment institutions, startup accelerator and other insiders participate in the conference to know current situation of the Korean startup ecology and discuss the future development.

During two days, there are 5 main lines and 25 speeches in this conference. On the first day, it starts with the analysis of Perfect Startups Ecology and discuss the topics of IT large enterprises, startup accelerator and others on the expected ecology main line, as well as prospect of South Korea startup ecology in 2015.


On the second days, all education projects administration will share their distress and expectations of the future and form a culture synchronizes with business.


Speakers are Lin Zhengxu from Startups Alliance company, Capstone Partners representative Song Enqiang , President of  High-risk Forum Gao Yonghe), Lotte Startups Accelerator standing committee Jin Yongde, D.CAMP Center Director Jin Guangxian, Kookmin university entrepreneurial risk graduate school professor Jin Daoxian , Bon Angels partner Zhang Binggui, Serviceplan Korea director Jiang Zhixian, Outstanding representative Cui Yongzhi, wadiz representative Shen Huixing and so on. Foreign speakers are Bryan Yang of Capital, Tak Lo of Zeroth.ai and Nathan Millard of G3 Partners

Director of the Startups Alliance Lin Zhengxu said, “For a virtuous cycle of Korea startups ecology, the chance to share and discuss difficulties with ecology members that helpful to startups is very important,” and, “I hope we can make frank and constructive discussions actively through this opportunity.”