A free trip companion app ‘Serentrip’ reached 15 million accumulated matches.


The number of accumulated matches of travelers on Serentrip, a free trip companion service app, has reached 15 million.
Serentrip is a mobile app run by Likecrazy which matches travelers with other travelers who plan to travel in the same city during the same period and with the locals by entering travel schedule and travel style.

Initially, Serentrip started its business which matched Korean travelers with companions for traveling abroad. Last year, it changed its service name to ‘Serentrip – Travel Companions & Making Local Friends’ and reformed its service to help travelers enjoy traveling and experiencing.

Serentrip said, “We reached a million matches in just one month after opening our service.  In September, the accumulated matches reached 15 million in three years.” The service app’s representative added, “This achievement is thanks to the increasing interchanges between Korean travelers in their 20’s and 30’s and travelers around the world.  Foreign users also increased by more than 30 percent compared to last year.”

Meanwhile, Likecrazy is a digital nomad start-up where the entire employees have been working in distance in the form of digital nomads for four years since its incorporation. Since last June, the company has been working on development, marketing, and video editing through a digital nomad study group named ‘Seren Kindergarten’ which calls together people whose dream is to be digital nomads.

“In the future, trough the synergy between Serentrip and Seren Kindergarten, we are planning to focus on recruiting teleworkers from home and abroad who have balance between work and life and collaborating with them,” said Sangsu Kim, Chief Executive of Likecrazy.