It alarms when you like, performance alarm service, ‘iGet’


Entcrowd launched ‘iGet’, an online alarm service that sends you a message about your favorite singers’ performance.

iGet is a service provided by KakaoTalk, Korea’s largest mobile instant messaging application, to let the users know performance information based on their search keywords, ticket reservations, and social media follows. Now the service provides performance news of more than 4,000 artists.

Entcrowd has run an iGet beta serivce for the past six months to provide comprehensive search service for all performances in the country. Within a month, the service reached 25,000 members and renewed itself to be a performance alarm service based on likes and interests.

Entcrowd says, “we are seeing the membership is fastly growing in the indie band scene in the Hongdae area as we are known an easy and fast alarm service for upcoming performances.” It adds, “we completed our webservice and application services on Android and iOS.”

Juhwang Jeong, CEO of Entcrowd says “people had to conduct complicated Internet search to reserve a performance ticket, but iGet sends you a KakaoTalk alarm on new performance and related reservation link when you register your favorite singers.” The CEO also says “we will continue to improve our service and its environment so that our customers easily get news and make a reservation.”

The company will create a customized algorithm for individual customers with performance bigdata to launch a curation service. iGet provides application beta service for its existing customers on Android and iOS, and prepares for an official release in April.