Artificial Intelligence food portal service is just around the corner


An Integrated food portal service site utilizing AI is just around the corner. Mycelebs will introduce the service through AI Transformation of Food Tech member companies including Siksinhot as well as 10,000 Recipes.

AI Transformation is a strategy that changes business models and communication based on AI. It is to go beyond the limits of existing food portal services and to enhance customer satisfactions. Myceleb’s efforts of integrating massive food data of Food Tech with its own AI technology to introduce the food portal service is in line with the strategy.

The AI integrated food portal service provides a variety of options by implementing taste filters with keywords such as spicy, light yet delicate, cozy and modern which customers often use to describe tastes or restaurants atmosphere instead of simple category classifications or search keys such as Korean,  Chinese and Western dishes. The result would reflect customers’ tastes better by setting weights. The service also offers information on a daily basis via AI related to hottest restaurants, theme recipes and delivery foods. On top of that, a voice-first service which allows voice search and order is planned to be launched.

Ji-Hyun Shin, CEO of the company, stressed that AI Transformation of Food Tech will present a new value, going beyond current services.