Beauty MCN Leferi Receives 2.5 Billion Korean Won Investment from Korea and China Investment Co.


Beauty MCN Leferi Entertainment has received Series A investment from a South Korean and Chinese investment company.

On August 31st, Leferi stated that it had received a total of 2.5 billion won in strategic investment from KVG (South Korea), DT Capital (China), and the Chinese cosmetics distribution company Lily&Beauty.

Through this investment, KVG will provide support for the integration of Kakao services, DT Capital will provide local Chinese partnerships, and Lily&Beauty will provide local Chinese cosmetics circulation and logistics support.


Over the past year and a half, Leferi has directly cultivated more than 300 South Korean beauty/trend stars, and signed exclusive contracts with 82 of them, and through the “My Beauty Bestie” project created together with Tencent, they will have trained and signed 100 Chinese stars before September.

Currently, Leferi is preparing to enter China’s media e-commerce field. One part of this plan has already come into fruition, with Leferi’s company’s “Daddoa” setting up shop on Taobao.

A Leferi representative stated, “Lily&Beauty, backed by substantial shareholder, Chinese distribution company Alibaba, is planning its next IPO. Alibaba will provide great help to Leferi as it enters the Chinese media e-commerce sector.”

Leferi representative Choi Inseok said,” Besides Korea MCN, Leferi will establish an Asian beauty/fashion star management company in the second half of this year, and through investments from new Chinese and South Korean shareholders, we will make beauty stars become trend leaders in Asia.”