Bespin Global wins a project for Saudi’s NEA program


Bespin Global announced that it signed a deal with Saudi Arabia for its national e-Government program, known as National Enterprise Architecture (NEA).

The NEA is one of the nationwide projects under progress for Saudi Arabia’s Vision for 2030, aiming to enhance the government’s IT efficiency. Bespin Global won the project with Devoteam Saudi Arabia, a French multinational IT service company, and jointly signed a contract with YESSER, a government office under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of Saudi Arabia.

The first goal of this project is to build an integrated resource management system to effectively oversee and utilize data in 220 IT systems within Saudi Arabia’s government offices. Once the system is set in place, the Saudi government plans to put the system through metamodeling to include hardware, software, information planning, budget and execution.

This project is an example of Public Private Partnership (PPP) via which Korea Information Society Agency went hand in hand with Bespin Global, under the policy to spread the know-how of Korea’s e-Government success worldwide. Passing on Korea’s know-how through this project, it is expected to be followed by another project to push Saudi Arabia’s ranking in E-Government Development Index up to 5th, which currently stands at 36th.

Jungsoon Lim, managing director of Bespin Global’s Central Asia Division for Public Service Business, said this project is meaningful since it offers advantage in spreading the model to GCC countries such as Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain by securing key reference of Saudi Arabia’s e-Government.