VR-AR Content Company ‘Bolt Hole’ Receives 300 Million Won of Investment from Bigbang Angels and Other Investors


VR-AR contents provider and mobile game developer ‘Bolt Hole’ has signed an investment contract with Bigbang Angels on Aug 30th in the Bigbang Angels’ office located in Pangyo Gyeonggi, the hub of cultural creation.

Bolt Hole was founded in 2014 by 杨胜俊, who has 18 years of game development experience, along with the other founders who have more than 10 years’ experience. Bigbang Angels, a re-startup program from the government and other investors, invested 300 million won in Bolt Hole. Bolt Hole started with PC game development, then arcade games and online PC game development, and now they’re developing mobile and VR games.


Photograph of Bolt Hole and Bigbang Angels investment ceremony on Aug 30th in Bigbang Angels’ office located in Pangyo Gyeonggi.

Mobile VR shooting game ‘Guns of Heroes’ received a lot of attention after its release in Australia. The game was chosen as a supported project by the Korean Cultural Products Promotion Institute. The highlight of Guns of Heroes is that you only need to set up one application, then you can enjoy the game with Google Glass or any smartphone.

The game’s controls are simple and similar to other popular shooting RPGs. Through training and customizing your character, you can enjoy strategic gameplay and an exciting shooter experience.

Bolt Hole’s strategy is to become a game developer that produces games on multiple platforms. They will work with Samsung Smart TV, VR devices, and smartphones, hoping to lead the market through their technical strength. Bolt Hole is also trying to help other developers of a similar size and technical strength to launch their products on multiple platforms.