“BrilliantTS” Was Selected for the 2016 Asian Top 100 Enterprises


On 19th, BrilliantTS was selected by Red Herring for ‘The Most Creative Top 100 Enterprises in Asia (Red Herring Asia Top 100).

‘Red Herring Asia Top 100’ reward is given to the most creative IT enterprise with the best forward-looking among hundreds of Asian enterprises, based on analysis on various standard including financial performance, technology innovation, quality, IP, CAGR(Compound Annual Growth Rate), strategy implementation, related industry influence, innovation and amount. Representative winners are Alibaba, Baidu, Kakao, Rakuten and Xiaomi.

BrilliantTS is a start-ups focusing on smart card development named ‘Brilliant Card’. A Brilliant Card can be used as credit card, check in card, membership card, employee card, OTP and so on more than 30 types of cards, all in one card.


BrilliantTS logo

Meantime, BrilliantTS is connected to Brilliant Card feature – card recommendation. When you pay your bill in a cafe, card recommendation will help user to find the most preferential credit card for payment.

BrilliantTS CEO Bai Zaixun said, I’m very glad BrilliantTS has been chosen by Red Herring as an international innovation enterprise in Aisa. BrilliantTS is now developing a new card named Brilliant Card, which will be released soon.

Red Herring director Alex Vieux said, winner enterprises have shown us the new look of Asian innovation technology. It is very hard to choose only 100 enterprises among lots of excellent competitors. I’m very excited to see that.


On the other hand, BrilliantTS was chosen to join the ‘First Phase of Start-ups Club 2013’, which is sponsored by future science development department, information and communication department, hold by Venture Square.