Closet Share, an App that Earns You Money by Lending out the Clothes in Your Closet


The Closet Company announced on 7 November that it has launched ‘Closet Share’, a mobile application for fashion sharing.

Closet Share is a service that allows users to earn money by sharing their clothes and bags as well as to rent clothes. The service provides goods targeting female office workers in their 20s and 30s and can be used with either a one-time voucher or a fixed number of vouchers per month.

The app’s focus is on convenience. Through the service, users who share goods can immediately check the money they have accumulated as well as the rental status of goods. They can request to withdraw their earnings at any time.

In particular, users who apply both for sharing and renting clothes are offered shipping, cleaning and care services of Closet Share items by mobile request. In addition, they can purchase an A/S insurance worth 5,000 won per a month to compensate for potential damages to or loss of their goods.

Juhee Seong, the CEO of The Closet Company, said that, “Closet Share is an exclusively domestic clothes sharing service that allows one to earn money by sharing one’s closet. We provide a fashion sharing experience that anyone can enjoy easily through updated services, including enhanced search functions and curation based on AI.”

The Closet Company already attracted a Seed Round investment from KakaoVentures in April 2018. After launching its services in September 2016, The Closet Company changed the name of the service from The Closet to Closet Share in October 2017.