Collaboration tool Collabee selected for European accelerator Startup Sauna


Collaboration tool Collabee has been selected to take part in the 2017 fall batch of companies for influential European accelerator Startup Sauna.

An issue-based collaboration tool, Collabee lets you share and delegate jobs, as well as receive feedback on the output of projects. The company has taken the shortcomings of similar SNS and messenger based tools and used this to create its current service model.


Collabee was selected for the program by Startup Sauna CEO Karolina Miller after seeing the startup’s pitch and receiving recommendations while visiting Korea. Startup Sauna takes place from mid-October until the beginning of November and all participants are provided with accommodation and 24 hour coworking space. Startups in the program are also given the opportunity to relocate their headquarters to Europe for a better position in the global market.

Following the acceleration program, startups will also take part in Europe’s biggest startup conference ‘Slush’ and compete with selected startups from other countries, including Finland, Switzerland and the UK.

“Collabee is a company that gives time back to you,” says CEO Youhan Lee. “Whatever helps people save time can become our area of business. We’d like customers who use Collabee to be able to achieve their dreams the envisioned when choosing their career.”

Collabee is no stranger to startup competitions and has previously come out on top at the Google-sponsored Startup Grind Europe and Paris&co.