Common Computer, Network-Sharing Service Provider for AI Development, Attracts Seed Investment


Common Computer announced it has attracted 200 million won worth of seed investment from Fast Investment, Access Ventures, and Ted Cho, CEO of Skelter Labs. The cumulative investment, including this funding, totals 330 million won.
The company is a blockchain development start-up as well as an IT solution provider. It measures the value of computer resources and user activities and then compensates.  It constructs a model with which AI developers can easily borrow the resources in the amount needed from the shared network and pay for the resources used when they develop and implement their AI technology directly on the site, a process which is otherwise costly and time-consuming.
Min-Hyun Kim, CEO of Common Computer, said, “Other than for a few global companies, developing and implementing AI services can be difficult.” He further added, “Our primary goal is to build a network through which developers can access and share AI technology easily and at a small cost.”