Custom-made Air Service Awair Receives 5 Billion Won Investment from Altos Ventures and Others


Custom-made air service machine Awair development company Bit Finder receives a round investment.

Bit Finder stated has received $4.5 million (about 5 billion won) investment from Altos Ventures, Samsung venture capital, IB Investment, and GS Shop.

Add this investment Bit Fight received investment amount has reached 7.4 billion won.

Awair is an intelligent machine for the measurement and improvement of indoor health and comfort. It introduced of sophisticated dynamic measuring sensor and control sensor to measure indoor temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, particulate matter (PM2.5), volatile organic compounds (VOC), and automatic operation according to the user’s set.


Awair Mark

Awair uses pattern recognition and dynamic benchmarking technology, analysis the air quality according to the user’s health status and concerns and recommends tips based on the data measured to changes the user’s action and improves the living environment.

Recently, Awair cooperate with Google Nest, Amazon Echo and IFTTT and publish the function of control other intelligence furniture according to data collected and start to develop corresponding products.

Bit Finder will take this investment as a step stone to take full use of the information collected from the Awair in developing new products, and provide quality services through cooperation with related enterprises.

Bit Finder representative Lu Fanjun said, with the goal of more healthy indoor life, we will develop better products and achieve the comprehensive effect with the cooperation of related enterprises. it can not only improve the production efficiency and quality of sleep, but also help stabilize mood, and ultimately contribute to build a more healthy life.