Fastfive launches bus services for members to Nowon and Ilsan


Fastfive announced on January 23 that it will begin providing bus services to the members it houses. 

The pilot bus service will be provided in cooperation with Ciel’s “Shuttlecok,” an integrated management service for shared commute buses.

Fastfive determined the demand through a in-house survey last December. Based on the results, it plans to launch free pilot services to Nowon-gu (Seoul) and Ilsan-gu (Gyeonggi province), which would be very efficient (in terms of number of commuters and use of public transit) and yield high satisfaction rates, until February. Depending on the feedback, it plans to expand serviced areas to provide regular routes starting in March and to convert some into partially paid routes.

Various additional services are also available on the bus, which are provided in conjunction with Fastfive member companies. During the pilot period, a “snack kit” will be handed to the users every Monday by the ‘Snack 24’ office snack service. Pulmuone, which has signed a business agreement with Fastfive, will sponsor food products. Liddy plans to set up a 1-week rental of its Paperpro to convert the commute time into time for rest and self-development.

Kim Dae-il, CEO of Fastfive, said, “I think the work hour begins at the start of the commute, like how an accident during the commute is recognized as an industrial accident. This led me to plan a bus service for our members.” He added that, “as Fastfive will prosper into a community of 10,000 business members, I want to provide substantial and unique value-added services that may not be available at a single, small business. “