Golf Range Information Sharing Application Approach is Published


Eight Live Service states in 16th that golf range information sharing application Approach is published to find the screen virtual golf range and indoor and outdoor golf driving range information simply and quickly.

Approach centers on the user’s location, shows indoors and outdoors golf driving range’s location nearby and other kinds of information. Its characteristic is providing golf range external and internal photos, price and service time, evaluation of parking, screen virtual hitting area and other ancillary facilities and lead the way to the place they want to go.

It is worth mentioning that as the popularization of golf, indoor and outdoor golf range including virtual golf range customers increased rapidly, but nearby golf range information can be gotten only by online access, which is very inconvenient,so Approach is very expected to solve this problem.

Currently, Approach is discussing cooperation with more than 100 golf ranges, plan to extend from capital circle to all districts in South Korea in the future, and aim to through cooperation with golf range realize that users can be discounted when purchase on application.

In this way, for golf enterprises, they can get rid of the existing oneness promotion way and maintain a stable amount of customers to get profit, for customers, they can enjoy the fun of golf at reasonable cost.

Eight Live company representative Cui Yuanzhi said, Approach not only provide customers detailed information of golf range surrounding, also let customers use golf range at a reasonable price, it’s a platform connect customers and golf ranges. He also said, we will provide customized goods actively reflect customer’s demand.

Approach can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

Eight Live Service is a start-up company supported by Neoply incubator project that operated by Neowiz Game and staffs are from eBay Korea or sports agents. The company is focusing on golf and continues to expand business to mobile e-commerce.