Healthcare Startup ‘NAMU’ Wins First Prize in ‘TRANS Conference 2016’ Pitching Match


Healthcare startup NAMU has released a wearable device that corrects cervical vertebra, earning it first prize in the TRANS Conference 2016’ pitching match held in Taiwan from Aug 27th–28th.


K-ICT International Centre stated on the 2nd that NAMU is an incubated enterprise and also a membership enterprise which competed with more than 40 health care startups from the US, Portugal, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan, and Korea, to finally win first prize.

TRANS Conference 2016 is a competition with more than 1,000 participants, and provides healthcare startups the opportunity to network and enter the global market. It’s the first event this year to be held by the Yonglin Healthcare Foundation’s H.Spectrum incubator park, the Taiwanese branch of Foxconn.

The theme of this event was ’Global Healthcare Founders Meeting in Asia‘. Besides the pitching match, there was also a healthcare product show, speeches, and a panel discussion.

Representative of NAMU Kim Yonghun  said, “I’m glad the NAMU wearable device has been recognized among competitors from around the world. Reviewers commented on our product saying it’s simple to use and fixes lots of serious issues. We will work harder in the future, enter the global market, and make Korean startups world renowned.”

Kim Yonghun also said that as a professional healthcare enterprise, NAMU will not only focus on correcting cervical vertebra, but also other parts of the human body. Over the remainder of this year, they will hold some events to popularize the importance of correct posture with the product ‘Alex’.

International Centre chairman Kim Junggap said, “As a test market, Taiwan is very popular among entrepreneurs all over the world, and Korean startup NAMU is a shining star among competitors from all over the world, with unlimited potential. In recent years, healthcare startups are getting more and more attention. I hope they will make great achievements when entering the global market.”