Housekeeping Service O2O Wahome Receives 1.5 Billion Investment from Da Cheng and Other Companies


O2O Housekeeping service Wahome received follow-on series A investment of 1.5 billion won from Da Cheng (Joint-stock), ES Investor, 500 Startups, and others on the 5th.

Wahome has received a total investment of 2.5 billion won. Before this 1.5 billion investment, Wahome received 1 billion won investment from 裴勇俊, Spark Labs, Mashup Angels, Fast Track Asia, and more.

Group photo of the largest investor 裴勇俊 (middle) and Wahome co-founder 李雄熙 (right), Han Edward co-founder.


Since beginning to provide housekeeping services in July, ”Wahome” has served more than 30 thousand customers. The service has now been extended to the entire Seoul region and is expected to be expanded to Gyeonggi Province and the capital area this year.

Da Cheng investment director申家亨, who was responsible for this investment said, “This is a professional company with very fast execution, and has the ability to become a leading enterprise whether in Korea or in the global housekeeping market, and that’s the reason we invested.”