If You Want to Learn About Digital Transformation…


Bespin Global will hold a seminar on “Digital Transformation” every month free of charge. 

Lee Hanju, CEO of Bespin Global, mentioned, “The definition of digital transformation may vary depending on the organization as every organization has different circumstances and environment.” He added, “We are planning to hold free monthly seminars to help thousands of companies and organizations successfully carry out their digital transformation and to communicate the role of cloud computing in digital transformation.”

The first seminar will be held at 2:30 PM on January 25 at SparkPlus in Gangnam. Three experts will give presentations on how to make a blueprint of digital transformation with varying degrees of interpretation in each organization. Lee min-hwa, executive director of Korea Creative Economy Research Network will give a lecture on “Digital Transformation for Business Innovation”.  Kwon Byeong-kook, manager of Bespin Global, will focus on “AI & ML, as Means of Digital Transformation”. Lastly, Woo Ju-yeon, Google project director of Bespin Global will give a presentation on “Innovative Strategies for Digital Transformation”, followed by networking events. More information can be found here.