“I’m doctor”, The insurance claim service available for foreigners


Foreigners insurance claim service, “I’m doctor”, will be launched

The insurance claim service,“I’m doctor”, is to claim insurances on behalf of patients by analyzing insurance policies.  According to the survey conducted by “I’m doctor”, as much as 60% of foreign patients whose insurances were eligible to be reimbursed, did not claim the insurances. The average amount of insurance claims paid per insurance is ranged from KRW 10,000 to KRW 5 million.

What sets apart the service from others is that experts can maximize the insurance claims paid by analyzing insurance policies, going beyond of being a simple claim agent. Patients can use the service by allowing “I’m doctor” to use their personal information.  The service is only available in affiliated hospitals of “I’m doctor” where profit conditions were agreed.  As of now, there are about 20 affiliated hospitals in metropolitan areas.

“I’m doctor” provides additional services such as self-diagnosis, finding nearby hospitals and reservations besides an insurance claim service. It also plans to dispatch interpreters to some of affiliated hospitals after the official launching. The App service will be available in the first half this year.