Kakao Mobility Strives to Resolve Seoul’s Traffic Issues


Kakao Mobility Corp. signed a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) with the Seoul Digital Foundation for the data-based joint research to address traffic problems of Seoul. With the signing of the MOU, both parties will start a three-year joint research on Seoul’s traffic issues including transportation demand and supply and parking, which will lay a foundation for policies to resolve urban issues.

Kakao Mobility Corp., with its massive amount of data and analysis capacity built while operating services like Kakao T Taxi, Kakao T Driver and Kakao Navi, will actively cooperate to analyze the movement patterns of citizens and the city’s transportation issues. Joo-Hwan Jung, CEO of Kakao Mobility Corp. said, “This MOU will be a meaningful opportunity for us to utilize our data analysis know-how to resolve public issues,” and added, “We will also provide various mobility services to enhance citizens’ convenience in addition to the research support for policy making.” Chi-Hyung Lee,  CEO of Seoul Digital Foundation said, “I hope this cooperation will set a successful example of Public-Private Partnership(PPP) that improves urban issues.”