Korean IoT startups off to London following UK-Korea event in Seoul


The Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP) and the Korea Internet Security Agency (KISA) hosted an event yesterday which showcased Korean IoT startups to the UK Department of International Trade (DIT).

Known as the “Mega Tech Mission”, a 40 strong British contingent that included UK business and tech experts attended the event, which provided the opportunity for 10 local IoT startups to pitch their businesses. It’s the largest trade mission from the UK to ever visit Korea, and the group will also be traveling to Japan as part of its itinerary.

The aim of the event was to exchange information, network, as well as provide Korean startups with the opportunity to get a foothold in a new overseas market. Companies that took part were preselected based on their potential to do well globally, and will also travel to London for a Korea-UK IoT Roadshow event in June.

Here is a list of the startups that took part:


Chowis has developed a handheld skin and hair tester DermoPrime, and has partnerships with international brands L’Oréal, P&G and Nivea.


8Cups is a smart bottle that helps keep yourself hydrated. It keeps track of your water intake to remind you when to drink and records data so you can track your progress. The company is also working on a bottle to calculate calories, caffeine and sugar intake too.

Rootee Health

Rootee Health is a device that can detect early stage diabetes by analyzing an image of the retina. Named ELI (Eye-Linked-Information), the device can also detect eye-related diseases and help diabetes patients manage complications.


This company has developed a smart Geiger counter to measure environmental data. The device connects to a smartphone and displays levels of radiation, radiowaves, UV light, temperature and humidity.

Neo Pop

Neopop creates LED collars for pets called “Pet Band”. Through a mobile application, owners can enter the dog’s name, address and phone number in case he/she gets lost.


Innoplaylab has developed a home-based robot named iJINI which can carry out various tasks such as controlling media, wake up calls, voice recognition and providing information. The company also creates home security, petcare and smart home solutions.


AKsys provides a user authentication service through a USB fingerprint recognition device named FIDO. It can be used not only to secure data, but to also provide security for banking, games and smart home devices.

Security Platform

This startup provides a security platform for OEMs and developers, offering a developers kit for IoT devices.


Neurocoms creates deep learning-based visual recognition hardware modules. It’s the first device of its type that requires very little power.


Namoo has developed CoreCode, a real-time message bus framework for manufacturing plants, using IT to create smart factories.

We’ll be covering some of these startups in more details over the coming weeks. Good luck to all teams headings over to the UK!