Korean Startup Forum Convenes to Optimize Startup Survival Environment


The Korean Startup Forum will be held on September 26th to support sustainable development and optimize the entrepreneurial environment for the common interests of startups.


Representatives of startups from 30 places in South Korean attended a preparation meeting in May last year, and then formed an operating committee after several further meetings to begin preparations for the forum, discussing the formation and main tasks.

Operating committee members include Benative representative 金文秀, Yanolja representative 李秀珍, Onoffmix representative 杨俊哲, “Grace Brothers” representative 金奉镇, I-um representative 金度研, and South Korea NFC representative 黄胜益.

The Korean Startup Forum isn’t just an agency to promote the startup survival environment, but a chance for startups themselves to explore the path of development, share success stories, deepen understanding and rectify misunderstandings, promote investment, make full use of the entrepreneurial network, cooperate with many market participants, discuss the improvement of entrepreneurial limitations, provide legal consultation, and other various kinds of business activities.

The Korean Startup Forum is not for specific business interests but for the benefit of the enterprise industry. Startups can participate in it freely, for as long as they need to improve their entrepreneurial enterprises, and can also consult the Korean Startup Forum office (Tel: 02-563-4628, yran@kinternet.org.)