Korean Startups Forum Holds Opening Ceremony


The Korean Startups Forum opening ceremony was held on the 26th, officially launching the event.

The forum was organized by more than 30 startups in May, with the goal of developing the survival environment for enterprises.

Representative Kim Bongjin hold the post of forum chairman, with operation members including Benative representative Kim Munsu, Yanolja representative Lee Sujin, Onoffmix representative Yang Juncheol, I-um representative Kim Doyeon, and South Korea NFC representative Hwang Seungik.


More than 100 companies and corresponding responsible persons participated in the opening ceremony. The future chief Hyun Daewon of Chong Wa Dae, president of the Network Enterprise Association (naver) Kim Sangheon and other government departments, network enterprises, and startup cooperation organizations also attended the opening ceremony. The minister of the Future Creative Science department Choe Yanghui and Seoul’s Mayor Park Wonsun sent congratulations via video to support the Korean Startup Forum.

On the same day, the Korean Startup Forum chairman Kim Bongjin announced the official opening of the ceremony. “Combining various forces, we will become a forum that belongs to start ups, serves startups, and helps small startups try out new business models based on entrepreneurship. We will try our best to become a forum that builds a social environment.”

The operation team also stated the necessity of building the forum, the limitations of startups, investment issues of startups, the development of the startup ecosystem, and the development of the Korean Startup Forum.

In the future, the forum will discuss various issues among startups each season and plan to commence business in education, investment, and networking, among other points.