The Largest Private Demo Day 2016 Launch Cup Opened by Rehoboth and Venture Square Starts Recruitment


Rehoboth Business Incubator and Venture Square invest 0.32 billion Korean won to open the largest private Demo Day and recruit participants.

It is reported that 2016 Launch Cup will be carried out in November 21st, and the recruitment of IR Pitching group will close at 12:00 p.m. on September 6th. Launch Cup is the largest Demo Day with the goal of searching, supporting and investing to excellent preparatory entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs.


2016 Launch Cup Poster

Recruited participants are divided into entrepreneurs (registered time less than 5 years) and preparatory entrepreneurs (including teenagers, college students, ordinary people, foreigners), and select total 20 groups (3 entrepreneurs and 17 preparatory entrepreneurs) through materials review, PT review, face-to-face examination and last PT review 4 phases.

Eventually selected 20 groups should demo and show-off in the Global Entrepreneurship Alliance—2016 autumn in two days from November 15th to 16th, and enter the final IR Pitching in 2016 Launch Cup Final of November 21st.

In the groups enter the final IR Pitching, 3 entrepreneurs receive investment up to 100 million won respectively (stock investment), 17 preparatory entrepreneurs receive prize up to 20 million won.

In addition, the final 20 selected groups will be provided office space for 6 months, guidance, follow-up investment and chance to participate in RBI (Rehoboth Bridge Incubating) project, etc..

More specific information about the 2016 Launch Cup can be confirmed in the Rehoboth home page.