Malltail expands after-sales service for overseas direct purchases


Korea Center announced the launch of “AS Prime”, an after-sales service for overseas direct purchase products.

AS Prime is a one-stop care service that inspects overseas direct purchases that have arrived in stock, is liable for any damages made during delivery and takes cares of after-sales services. AS Prime is an expansion of the Total Care Plan service, an induction range after-care service that has been in operation since 2016. 

Malltail introduced the one-stop service to ensure that the increasing number of customers who purchase Dyson vacuums directly from overseas can use the products with confidence. To subscribe to AS Prime, customers, during their Dyson vacuum purchasing process, must select the AS Prime subscription option when filling in the Malltail delivery application. A ten dollar annual fee will be added on at checkout. After-sales services will be provided by Better Renew and the entire after-sales service process, from when the product is received to when it is returned to the customer, is notified through an alert messaging service. If customers have to pay for any repairs, the customer can submit a claim to Malltail and receive up to 100,000 KRW in compensation. However, this is only available during the AS Prime subscription period. 

Malltail says that the AS Prime service will allow customers to use products they purchased directly from overseas for a long time with confidence. Malltail will expand its AS Prime service to other products in the future.