Media Company beSuccess Received Pre Series A Investment


Professional Media Company beSuccess declared on 17th they received investment from Korea, America, China, and Japan 4 countries. There are DCM Venture and Strong Venture of famous venture company Kakao, 500 Startups and other America venture companies, China Hardy Farm Venture and Tokyo Founders Fund, as well as Korea’s The Ventures, legal person SEUM, MoCA Ventures and Startup X.


Strong Venture participates in this investment after invest to seed in 2011, representative Pei Hongji explains the background, Strong Ventures and beSuccess worked together since the first day start business. beSuccess began as professional media company, not only convey messages to Korea start-ups for taking on the world, also make contribution to Korean start-ups eco system through local conference. It will develop into a publicizing platform for start-ups. For the next phase, I believe the information and network data platform beginning will produce bridge bond effect, connect Asian start-ups including Korean to the world.

Kevin Ren from Chinese Hardy Farm Venture, who selected beSuccess as its first investment in Korea, said, beSuccess has media, conference, data and so on excellent brands. In a long time, it will connect entrepreneur and investor, other industry and start-ups industry, Korean enterprise and oversea capital. Hardy Farm plans to invest more Korean start-ups starting from beSuccess.

beSuccess representative Zheng Xianxu who brought investment from 4 countries said, no matter for small start-ups like beSuccess, or all the Korean start-ups, it’s very meaningful to receive investment from trusted investors from different countries. I believe investors from various countries want to find good start-ups through investing beSuccess. beSuccess plans to continue enhancing its media and global influence power, help more start-ups find oversea investment through beSuccess platform, find business partner.