Modular Robot Platform ‘LUXROBO’ Receives 1.5 Billion Korean Won Series A Investment


Modular robot platform startup ‘LUXROBO’ receives 1.5 billion Korean won series A investment.

LUXROBO said they received 1.5 billion Korean won investment from Hanwha Investment and Hanwha Dream Plus.

Before this investment, LUXROBO received initial investment from tech startup incubator Future Play, and was chosen as a TIPS project.

LUXROBO is a startup that has developed a modular robot and integrated it with an IoT hardware platform. Users can combine various parts to build the robot they want. This is also known as the ‘Robotics of Things’.

Besides modular robots, users are also provided with a GUI coding tool, which allows students and ordinary people to make various robots, IoT robots, and to learn coding. LUXROBO products use an intelligent OS which allows users to combine robot parts through simple coding. It can be used in various situations for education and daily life.


LUXROBO Modular Robot Platform ‘MODI’

The product, known as MODI is being prepared for launch on US crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in October. Through English educational equipment suppliers, they will start providing educational devices to English middle schools and international schools.

LUXROBO representative Woo Sanghun said, “‘The Robotics of Things’ will fit robots into daily life. It’s a new generation of IoT robots. It will become very easy to make a robot yourself.”

WooWu also commented on the investment, “This investment provides a perfect foundation for the October release. Starting from now, we will commit ourselves to finishing development of the product and prepare for release.”