NEOPLY, A REAL start of block-chain business


NEOPLY is ready to push ahead with its blockchain business. Through collaboration with blockchain research experts of NEOWIZ’s affiliate, NEOPLY plans to strengthen its capabilities to unfold the business.With its recent launch as a corporation, NEOPLY announced that it will accelerate support and investment in tech startups specializing in blockchain and AI. 

For blockchain-related projects, NEOPLY has already been raising cryptofunds through internal funds, investing and incubating blockchain-based startups, developing and supporting various DApps and also promoting collaboration with local and foreign blockchain organizations. The projects will set off from this month.

A personnel of NEOPLY said that “cryptofunds will only be raised with internal funds” and that “NEOPLY is reviewing investment for companies gearing up for ICOs, and initial investment will be implemented early next month.”

According to Kwon Yong-Gil, the CEO of NEOPLY, “the goal of NEOPLY is to become a key player contributing to the blockchain ecosystem.”