O2O Laundry Startup Re-white Receives 200 Million Won Investment from AI Angel Club


O2O Laundry platform Re-white has announced that they have received 200 million won investment from AI Angel club (Accredited Investors Angel Club) on September 8th.

Re-white will get angel investment funding as well as related support from AI Angel Club.

Re-white provides free comprehensive management solutions to laundry workers such as Re-white SHOP+ and mobile distribution services.

The Re-white service model is adapted to small businesses, spreading IT practices to and contributing to the creation of a new integrated market. The company was awarded the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Growth Award  at the Digital Innovation Mobile Business Awards, and cooperated with Dr. Lee and other brands based on washing technology studies.


Re-white receives 200 million won investment from AI Angel club.

AI Angel Club is composed of professional angel investment companies with many years of experience. They carry out IR activities to explore potential companies every two months and invested in Yper Jienem, Team, Plasmap, Lmeca, and other nine companies last year.

AI Angel Club chairman 崔成浩 said, “Re-white is the only O2O laundry company entering the existing laundry market business model smoothly, and therefore has attracted great attention. We think this company will utilize the O2O trend and rapid expansion to achieve greater development, thus we decidesd to make this investment.”

Re-white representative 金贤午 said, “Now the company is based on current service coverage and cooperates with business across the whole country, therefore we’ve spent a lot in marketing costs to narrow the distance between consumers through extensive cooperation.”