On Off Mix and Symflow Unite to Support Activity Communication


The two enterprises will support communication through providing an activity information platform and online Q&A system.

On Off Mix is a platform providing lectures, seminars, conferences, and other information and statuses from September 1st, and signed a contract with Symflow’s online Q&A system IT&Basic.

The purpose of this contract is to provide support for more convenient and effective communication between the speakers and participants and to provide a more meaningful meeting environment.


On Off Mix representative Yang Juncheol (left) and Symflow representative Min Gyeonguk (right) sign the business contract.

Through this cooperation, On Off Mix members can use Symflow to quickly answer audiences and provide information to the audience in real-time through the network. From the standpoint of the activity organizers, this solves the problem of live communication inconveniences with the audience and digital results will be analyzed to provide reference for future conference optimization.

IT&Basic representative Min Gyeonguk stated, “Since most meetings held through the On Off Mix service actually consist of more than 20 people, using Symflow has had a big impact and is expected to make speeches more effective and express a more pleasant atmosphere to achieve real, significant communication.”

On Off Mix representative Yang Juncheol stated, “Based on the signing of the MOU we will provide online and offline convenience conference activities for On Off Mix and we will provide different conference-related services in the future to meet the various needs of the platform.”