Offline Traffic Data Enterprise Loplat Receives 1.5 Billion Won Investment


Offline traffic data enterprise Loplat stated on the 27th that it received 1.5 billion won investment from Stone Bridge Capital and Strong Ventures.

Loplat provides prior and current location information of customers to companies. Companies can provide customers with more targeted activities through the Loplat service and can also measure customer flow in the competitive shopping sector by analyzing the status information of customers and use it in marketing and business strategy with customer habits and trade area analysis.


Loplat representative Ku Jahyeong commented, “Since 90% of consumers shop offline, we will focus on providing accurate customer traffic data in a wide range of places to make the right decisions.”

Strong Ventures investment group leader Oh Jiseong who led the investment said, “Loplat can identify whether customers enter the store without additional equipment, so it can be widely and rapidly built, which attracted us. Rapid future development is expected because customer-related data can be used in O2O, advertising, and many important aspects of marketing.”

Now Loplat provides customer in-out information in more than 25,000 places including Nexon, Open Survey, Lineable, Shareat, Seoul-centered chain stores, main brand stores, supermarkets and shopping malls, coffeenet bars, Metro Line 2, and more, and plans to add 70 thousand identification spots through cooperation with enterprises this year.