Online Contract Service ‘Modu Sign’ Receives Subsequent Investment from Kbridge


Law Factory is a startup that operates the online contract service ‘Modu Sign’. On the 20th it declared that it received subsequent investment from Kbridge (amount undisclosed).

It is the first subsequent investment Lawoa Factory has received after the investment from Primer in April last year.

The online contract service operated by Lawoa Factory ‘Modu Sign’ guarantees legal effect without face to face contract signing. Based on e-documents, ‘Modu Sign’ can simply recognize any changes to a contract and prevent contract damage and loss.

There are more than 30 thousand people and a thousand enterprises/organizations using Modu Sign today.


The upgraded Modu Sign 2 trial version will be released soon and Lawoa Factory will soon commence marketing and operation.

Lawoa Factory representative Lee Yeongjun stated that, “Modu Sign 1 was our MVP (Minimum Viable Product), and has been confirmed to be in some ways inconvenient during its trial operation. We need to shorten the time and cost when signing a contract. We will innovate more in the Modu Sign culture that is created through face to face signing, quick service, and registered mail.

Kbridge representative Lee Dongcheo who participated in this investment stated that, “based on operating lawyer search service ‘Intoraw’ and contract drafting service ‘Okidoki’, Lawoa Factory has a deep understanding of the legal market and powerful development strength. Modu Sign works not only on contracts, but also on agreements and confirmation letters. It can be used in the domestic market, as well as the global market. We think it has a lot of potential.