Car detailing startup Pedaling partners with car sharing service Neivee


Environmentally friendly and on-demand car wash service Pedaling has partnered up with car sharing company Neivee to help keep its fleet spick and span.

Neivee is a community car sharing service that provides vehicles for groups and communities such as offices and apartment complexes. The new partnership will see Pedaling regularly service Neivee cars, keeping them both clean and safe.

Pedaling offers a mobile, on-demand car wash and detailing service in all areas of Seoul. It’s services include all exterior surfaces, as well as vacuuming and seat cleaning. All cleaning materials are environmentally friendly — using only water where possible, and a subscription option is also available for those who want regular washes.


The new maintenance contract with Neivee has already started at Wework branches in Gangnam, Samseong and Euljiro. Pedaling also has partnerships with other major companies such as Kia Motors, SK encar, BMW, BMW mini and Socar. The company plans to use this experience and apply it Neivee’s community fleets.

“One of the key factors in making customers more familiar with car sharing services is vehicle maintenance,” says Pedaling Co-founder Jay Park. “We aim to be recognized through our clean cars that are better maintained than private vehicles. Starting with our partnership with Neivee, we will begin designing a more specialized care-sharing service.”

Pedaling plans to launch an app for its service in the coming months to make ordering a wash even easier for customers, and is also gearing up to expand into the used car industry.