Smart diffuser startup Pium to showcase technology at SDC 2017


Pium, an IoT company that we covered earlier this year, will be showcasing its smart fragrance device at SDC 2017 in San Francisco. SDC is Samsung’s annual development conference which this year will focus on the theme of ‘Connected Thinking’. The startup has been part of Samsung Electronics’ Creative Square program recently.

Pium, while a Korean company, is based in New York and aims to connects people to scents, with smell being the most powerful and memorable of the senses. It is developing a solution that can be used in smart homes, healthcare and VR platforms.


Pium’s flagship product is a smart incense device designed to be used in homes and offices, providing personalized and a natural scents based on users’ behavior and location. It uses preset preferences and context to deliver the perfect aroma to the user. At SDC 2017, the company will display how the device works in a natural context with other IoT devices. This includes a ‘goodnight mode’ which uses a relaxing lavender fragrance combined with the dimming of lights, or a reading mode that uses a sandalwood aroma to boost concentration and accompanied by uplifting music.

Pium’s smart diffuser successfully reached its goal on Kickstarter earlier in the year and is currently focusing on mass production. The company was also selected as Korea’s representative company at AHB 2017 (Asian Hardware Battle).

As for SDC, this year the conference will feature respected guest speakers including: DJ Koh, President of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics, Arianna Huffington, Founder and CEO of Thrive Global, and Stan Lee, the creative force behind Marvel Comics

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