Rayo – The Ultimate Bicycle Tail-Light


Rayo is a tail-light for bicycles. One of its key features is a maximized visiblity, which is the highest priority for lighting products. It is designed to provide visibility from both the rear and the sides by combining three LEDs and two TIR lenses. At a maximum of 90 lumens with specialized optics, Rayo is also daylight visible.

Another feature is smart brake. When you are slowing down, you need to watch out if you are followed by any car. However, the car behind you might find it difficult to track the movement of your bike. Here’s the point Rayo comes in.

Its smart brake will help you by automatically triggering a brake light and warning traffic behind you. Also, it offers extra features including a theft alert, which notifies you through the Rayo mobile app when unfamiliar movement is detected on your bike and group LED synchronization, which allows you to synchronize flashing patterns with nearby Rayo lights, making you and fellow riders stand out as a group. Rayo comes in five appealing and unique colors with a waterproof body. Touch control has been seamlessly integrated to make Rayo effortless to operate. A built-in USB port makes Rayo rechargeable at any locations.

The Rayo project was funded by Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform. For more details, visit here.