Second Global Innovator Festival Held in Daegu


The second global innovator festival will be held in Daegu on November 3rd, where young people from all over the world can exchange ICT ideas and seek business chances together.

The Global Innovation Festival is hosted by the metropolitan city of Daegu, co-organized by Daegu Digital Industry Development Institute and Daegu Creative Economic Innovation Center, and sponsored by Samsung Electronics and Microsoft.

This year’s theme is “Start Your Idea”, and there are creative contests, discussions, and many other activities (such as online parties). In addition, there are activities such as 3D Printing Olympics and a creative collection exhibition about the flexible use of public data and health activities at this festival.

Simulated startup investment docking interviews, development planning, and creative investment are divided into Startup Development and Startup Jump Dialogue, with a total of 80 teams of aspiring entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial enterprises younger than 7 years old.


The interview consists of project competition, guidance, and review. In this competition, startups will come face to face with investors and experts to build an investment and resource network. There will be guidance, small meetings, talk shows, online parties, and many other activities after the competition.

There will also be many other activities, such as Company Hour, where investors interview startups directly as a review committee, Media Time by media partners, and podcasts playing Brave Investment.

A GIF representative said, “In order to foster sustainable development of startups, the interview activity provides necessary networking and cooperation opportunities. The purpose of this event is not to compete, but to provide a platform, investors, and expert guidance, and a network for the development of startups”.

For more information on the second Global Innovation Festival, please refer to the official website.