After securing 20-billion won investment, Yanolja says “Our sales will increase to 100 billion.”


“Yanolja says it secured 20-billion won worth investment from Aju IB Investment on December 22. The online hospitality service had secured 10 billion won from Partners Investment in 2015 and 60 billion won from Skylake in the past June. The cumulative investment amount that Yanolja has secured is 110 billion won, among which 80 billion has been secured this year.”

Aju IB Investment says it believes the hospitality service is the only company in Korea that is likely to succeed in the hospitality or leisure markets home and abroad, and the investment company says Yanolja changed its perception on the market for small-and-medium sized hospitality services.

“Yanolja will utilize internet-of-things technologies and artificial intelligence to innovate space while strengthening its R&D capacity in order to improve its global services. The company says its annual sales rose by more than 86% to 68.2 billion won, which indicates balanced growth between its businesses. At the same time, it expects its sales will rise to more than 100 billion, the first 100 billion sales for a hospitality O2O service.”