Free coworking spaces in Seoul (and other parts of Korea)


Over the past few years, a growing number of coworking spaces have been springing up around Seoul and other areas of Korea. While many of these locations offer cheaper alternatives to renting an office on your own, costs can still be killer if you’re starting with nothing.

Luckily, there are a number of free coworking spaces available for use if you’re in need of a space to work on your next project.

Free coworking spaces at startup support centers

While many of these coworking spaces are government funded, don’t let that put you off. You’ll be able to find most conveniences that you’ll find anywhere else, and one advantage is being able to benefit from the many events held at these venues.

CCEI (Centers for Creative Economy and Innovation)
Located in major centers around the country, CCEIs offer free coworking spaces that are just as good as paid facilities. Each location has a different indoor layout and offers monitor hire and meeting rooms, as well as coffee and other service — all for nothing. To book a meeting room, you’ll need to create a membership online, but the main open space can be used by anyone.

Other startups work out of the center as part of CCEI’s acceleration programs, which often include free networking events and lectures. These events are also open to anyone interested.


Seoul Startup Hub
Seoul Startup Hub is Seoul’s newest startup support center and coworking space that has received a lot of attention recently, and for good reason. It’s the largest facility of its kind in Korea with free space to use from floors 1 – 3, and office space for startups from floors 4 – 8. With more than 100 seats on each floor, one great thing about the hub is that it isn’t overcrowded.

There are startup-related seminars every day and consulting is also available, though you’ll need to book in advance. Other facilities include a convenience store, café, ATM, as well as a few fun things like darts and game machines. There is even a slide if you don’t feel like taking the elevator down! At the moment anyone is free to come and use the Seoul Startup Hub without membership.

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Seoul Startup HubI Startup U
Seoul operates six “I Startup U” centers around the city which include Honghab Valley, Seoul Global Startup Center, Asprin Center and three startups cafes at Shinchon, Soongsil University and Kookmin University).
The Seoul Global Startup Center, based in Yongsan, specializes in supporting foreign entrepreneurs and has a free coworking space available for anyone looking to start a business. The startup cafes aren’t too big, but have the advantage of being located near universities and are a great place to share ideas and network.

I Startup UA-Cube (Anyang Creative Economy Convergence Center)
South of Seoul near Pyeongchon Station is the Anyang Creative Economy Convergence Center, run by the Anyang Creative Industry Promotion Industry. On the third floor of the building in an area called A-cube where young entrepreneurs can get help. A seminar room, meeting room, project room and rest area can all be used at no charge. There are 30 seats available, with a private workroom that can be booked. One unusual thing about A-Cube is that the venue can be used 24 hours.

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D.Camp is a startup incubator based in Gangnam run by the Banks Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs. On the fourth floor of the building is a coworking space that is open for anyone with a membership. Luckily, memberships can be made online. To use the facility you exchange your ID for a membership card, and then collect your ID again on the way out. The space itself isn’t that big and can fit up to 40 people. Established startups are also on the same floor giving good opportunities to see how other companies work. Coffee, printers and game machines are just some of the free services available.

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Café coworking spaces

Not everyone wants to be in a totally work-focused environment. Many entrepreneurs and remote workers enjoy the social atmosphere of a café and the background noise of others talking.

Google Campus Seoul
Google’s Seoul Campus was opened in 2015 to help support local startups and access to the venue’s café is free to anyone (apart from the coffee of course!) Prices are cheaper than your typical chain coffeeshop, but you will need to sign up online to use the premises. As you might expect, you’re bound to meet people from all over at this space.

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Cow&Dog is a coworking café aimed at social ventures in Seongsu-dong, Seoul. Anyone can use the café without signing up, but a membership will give you access to meeting rooms as well as discounts on drinks. It’s a large space and suitable for events.

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Cow&DogTips Town
Tips Town is located in the heart of Gangnam and is closer to a standard café rather than a coworking café. Most customers are people taking part in events at Tips Town, but it’s not unusual to see a few people spending the day here working on projects. Tips Town isn’t a bad option if you find yourself in the Yeoksam-dong area as there aren’t any free coworking spaces nearby.

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Tips Town

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