SparkPlus opens its 4th branch and now offers virtual reality tour services


SparkPlus opened its fourth office, called Seoul-ro branch, on the terrace floor of Daewoo Foundation Building near Seoul Station. The Seoul-ro branch not only is located within 3-minute walking distance from Seoul Station, but also boasts the terrace, Seoul-ro and Namsan tower views. Of course, the tenants in the branch can enjoy convenient services thanks to its location in the big building.

The CEO of SparkPlus Mok Jingeon says starting with the Seoul-ro branch the company will open new branches so that tenants can enjoy SparkPlus office spaces as well as community services not only in Gangnam area but also throughout Seoul within this year.

At the same time, SparkPlus launches online tour services working with Urbanbase, one of the tenant companies. The joint service provides users with virtual reality office tours that do not require the users to actually visit the site by realizing the floor plan in 3 dimensions. The VR tour service will be useful for those in remote areas or overseas. For more information, please visit SparkPlus website.