Startup Celebration ‘GSC 2016: Fall’ Discloses Speechmakers


The biggest Korean private investment entrepreneurship conference ‘Global Startup Conference 2016: Fall (GSC)’ will be held in 2 weeks.

GSC 2016: Fall will be held from the 16th to 17th, located in the economic innovation center, Pangyo, Gyeonggi province, and hosted by Venture Square and Rehoboth Business Incubator, operated by At Square.

GSC, hosted by Venture Square, is the biggest Korean private investment entrepreneurship conference. It has been held twice a year since 2013, to introduce and support startups and lead IT industry trends. GSC 2016: Spring was successfully held at Coex with more than 1500 attendees.

The theme of GSC 2016: Fall is ‘Web 2.0 and next 10 years of  ICT development’. The conference is to review how Web 2.0 gave birth to IT startups and their services, to explore the future of ICT, to seek for methods that improve startup competitivity and strategies for entering the overseas market.


On the 16th and 17th, Korean Web 2.0 and ICT experts will give speeches and attend group discussions with the audience. Information on the speakers and their topics is as follows:

On the 16th Kim Jihyeon from SK Planet e-commerce strategy division, M&A expert and Korean Seed Fund co-founder Aviram Jenik from Israel, LH2 Ventures founding partner Khee Lee, and representative Joe Sangu from accommodation sharing platform Kozaza, will focus on the topic ‘the next 10 years of Web 2.0 development’, to compare international Web 2.0 with Korean Web 2.0, review the Web 2.0 environment, and disclose its development trends.

On the 17th Tencent, NHN, SparkLab Co-founder Kim Yujin, Co-founder & investor Ricardo Schafer from Cherry Investment Berlin, Germany, chairman and angel investor Steve Hoffman from Founders Space, Henry H. Wong from the US who has worked as a professor at Stanford for 35 years, startup union 500V representative Kim Chungbeom, and ROA Consulting representative & ROA Invention Lab co-founder Kim Jinyeong, will focus on the topic ‘the next 10 years of ICT development’, to seek out strategies to improve Korean startup competitivity and ability to enter the overseas market.

At GSC 2016: Fall there will be 7 Korean startup boosters and more than 60 startups attending the demo day. There’ll be more than 80 booths for startup demonstrations.

After GSC 2016: Fall, the startup competition – ‘Launch Cup Final 2016’ will be held on Nov 21st. The Launch Cup is an excellent business model to support, train, and invest in young people, university students, ordinary people, and Koreans residing aboard. Startups that won in the national qualifying match and another 7 startups that won an award at the GSC 2016 demo day will compete with each other at the Launch Cup Final 2016. The Launch Cup is estimated to be the largest Korean startup investment competition.

Gyeonggi Cultural Innovation Centre, ROA Consulting, Rehoboth, Bingbaeng Angels, Start Up Nomad, IoT Biz Factory, Hebronstar, and other famous startup training agencies will attend the GSC 2016: Fall demonstration competition. Seven excellent startup that passed the qualifying match will attend the semifinal at GSC 2016: Fall. Startups that won in the semifinal will attend the ‘Launch Cup Final 2016’ held on Nov 21st.

GSC 2106: Fall is sponsored by the Future Creation Science Department, Economic and Cultural Products Promotion Institute, Korea Science and Creativity Group, MCN association, Gyeonggi Cultural Innovation Centre, ROA Consulting, Bingbaeng Angels, ActnerLab, and others. You can find more details on the GSC’s official website.