Tenping Receives 2 Billion Won Investment from SEMA-Translink and Capstone Partners


The local mobile advertising website ‘Tenping’ (representative: Ko Junseong) declared on the 4th that the company has received 2 billion won of investment from SEMA-Translink and Capstone Partners.

Tenping was the No.1 planning team in their organization and became an independent company last year. Only one year after they started operations, Tenping has already received 2.8 billion won of investment from SEMA-Translink Investment, Capstone Partners, East Gate Partners, and Mashup Angels, among others.

Tenping shares marketing information through various media including messengers, SNS, blogs, websites, and applications. More than 1,700 advertisers have published 6,000 units of information, and generated an accumulated 700 million won in revenue.

Based on the time readers spend on advertisement pages, Tenping will judge whether a click is effective or not. Using the CPC+5 advertisement model, Tenping satisfies advertisers by developing more advertisement forms including CPV, CPA+DB, CPE, and CPS on smartphones.

Representative Ko Junseong of Tenping stated, “In the past year, supported by Tenping users and advertisers, our service has grown fast and reached the breakeven point after the first nine months. After this investment, with the help of the Translink global network, Tenping can start expanding its business into the global market step by step.”

SEMA-Translink Investment Representative Heo Jinho, who leads this investment stated, “Just as Google created an advertisement business based on keyword searching and an advertisement network, leading domestic advertisement platform Tenping has similar potential. We believe Tenping will create a new mobile advertising trend, and not only for the Korean market – will we support Tenping as it enters the global market.”

Capstone Partners invested in Tenping for the first time in November last year. Now they’re investing for the second time. Capstone Partners representative Oh Jonguk added, “Tenping’s model has been proven. Marketer, advertiser, and customer are working and developing in a mutually beneficial cycle. In order to promote and stabilize it, we decided to invest in the company without any doubts.”

SEMA-Translink Investment was founded by SEMA and US spark plug investor Translink Capital to promote the development of Korean enterprises, and help them expand their business to the global market. By operating more than 4 trillion won in property, SEMA has very stable operation ability, with partners who have worked as US investment representatives in Asian IT companies like Samsung, Mitsubishi, and Hikari supporting their team. Translink Capital operates 250 million US dollars. They are experienced in oversea business and networking. Based on US and Asian investment experience, Translink Capital helps Korean startups to enter the global market.