The present and future of the foodtech industry at a glance


Korea FoodTech Conference 2018 will be held in COEX, Seoul, for three days from November 28 to 30. Jointly hosted by Korea FoodTech Association and COEX, this event includes lectures by leaders in the Korean foodtech market; overview of deploying ICT in food-related industries; and foodtech combined with latest technologies.

The conference will offer lectures by the following speakers: Ahn Byung-ik (CEO of Siksin); Lee Hyeon-je (Director of Woowa Brothers); Do Hae-yong (CEO of Redtable); Ahn Tae-yang (CEO of Food Culture Lab); Lee In-gyu (CEO of K-Mush); Yun Seong (CEO of FoodnTable); Min Geum-chae (CEO of Jiguin Company); Lee Hyeon-jong (CEO of Bigster); Jeon Hwa-seong (CEO of CNTTECH); Choi Jae-seung (CEO of Carry Protocol); Mun Yong-hee (CEO of PicUp); and Park Seong-jae (CEO of Yap Chain).

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